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If the text on this page is too small or too large, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and move the scroll wheel of your mouse back and forth. The text should grow or shrink. If you don't have a mouse with a scroll wheel, holding down the CTRL key and pressing the pl­us and minus keys should accomplish the same thing. This works with many Windows based programs including Microsoft Word. It works best with the free Firefox Browser but will also work with Internet Explorer. If you would like to try the Firefox Browser, click: here

About Scripts
A script is a short tutorial that documents a single task down to the final click of the mouse.

You'll find my email address at the bottom of the page. Please give me feedback. Tell me how these pages look in your browser window, is the font too large, too small, the wrong color? Tell me if a specific step in a script doesn't work, how the formatting could work better, how a description might be written better or more succinctly. I would also like feedback about the concept itself. Are scripts useful?


Hints on working with scripts

1. It's difficult to anticipate what every user will see on every computer screen working with different web browsers. I use the Firefox web browser. If you use Internet Explorer everything will look a bit different. Try making it through as best you can. Otherwise email me and we can work together to uninstall your old anti-virus program and install AVG8. If it's quick and easy I won't charge anything. If it begins to go more than 5-10 minutes I will have to work on a fee basis.

2. My computer runs Microsoft Windows XP Home in the classic XP style. Again, if your setup is different you will not see exactly what you see here. For instance, if you have the old Windows style the Control Panel will be found under “Settings”.

3. If you have a Firewall program it may deny other programs access to the Internet.
There are many different Firewall programs. With the Windows Firewall a small popup window will appear and you will have to click “unblock”. Other firewall programs might ask you to “allow” programs access to the Internet. Again, you have to say “OK” or whatever the proper response is for that firewall program.

4. Small popup windows can be hidden by other windows in front of them. If you don't seem to be progressing as indicated try minimizing the top window(s) to see if there is another window behind it.

The minimize button is the minus sign at the upper right hand corner of open windows.


5. I've tried to make these tutorials so that you can click back and forth between the tutorial window and the window on your computer where you're actually doing the steps. To do this bring up two instances of your browser program. If this is too confusing try printing out the script and work from there.

Scripts Created Thus Far

Creating a System Restore Point

Installing the new AVG 8 Free Anti-virus

Home Page Scripts Writing Trustimonials Right Way

Email me

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