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Hinchey Note


January 30, 2006                    

Silverman letter

When we built our new barn in 1999 we were assured that we could have a computer in the barn and another in the house and they would be compatible. Any work that was saved on one would available on the other and vice-versa. It never happened. Late in 2004 we were having trouble with our computer (this had nothing to do with the fact that the two computers were not compatible) and I met Alan Silverman. He said he could solve my immediate problem and he could get the two computers working together. I was convinced he could do it. The next day Tildy and I left for a vacation. When we came home two weeks later everything was working the way it should have been doing from the start.

We were extremely pleased and have recommended Alan to some of our friends and they have been pleased with his efforts. Alan still comes to our house for teaching and problem solving.

                    Bill Davenport
                    Stone Ridge, NY


October 28, 2005                    

Alan was recommended to me by my pastor at St. Peter's parish in Rosendale. As for myself, I am a senior citizen(former teacher) who knew little about the mechanics of computers. I was in deep trouble and the computer needed much attention. Thanks to Alan(after spending an entire day here), the computer was back in working condition and I was signed up to a new Internet service and E-mail.

Alan has a wonderful, kind, patient manner in dealing with someone who needs instruction. I put complete trust in Alan and feel free and comfortable in contacting him when necessary.

                    Sister Dorothy Sinibaldi
                    Rosendale, NY


December 10, 2005                    

Here's what I have to say for publication...

Alan Silverman knows more about Dell computers and laptops than anyone I've talked with asking for assistance. He's more conversant and easier to reach than any of the techs that Dell employs as customer reps and technicians. Hooray for Alan.

                    Hal Levy
                    Hal Levy & Associates
                    186 Mohonk Road
                    High Falls, NY 12440


January 14, 2006                    

Jewish Family Services

I have relied on Alan's computer expertise more times than I can count. He is always courteous, knowledgeable, and patient, and he invariably refuses payment, since we're a very small non-profit agency with limited resources. Over the years this must come to thousands of dollars of services he has given to Jewish Family Services. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes for his character. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a computer geek they can trust!

                    Wendy Rudder - Director
                    Jewish Family Services of Ulster County


November 11, 2005                    

August and Sandra

August and Sandra Girard

As a business owner who prepares income taxes and does bookkeeping for small businesses, computers are an important part of my accounting practice. Alan Silverman has become an integral part of keeping our computer systems running smoothly. We have Alan come to our office quarterly to service and maintain the over all integrity of our systems and have never had a problem. We have the following verbal commitment from Alan if we have a computer go down during the busy tax season - if we call he will come. We rest assured in that commitment.

                    August Girard
                    ADG Financial Services
                    Stone Ridge, NY

ADG Financial Services Website


January 13, 2008                    

On Alan Silverman's Computing Solutions

A computer, like many other things in life, is a double-edged sword. The wonders that can be accomplished through its use are often countered by mysterious failings that tend to cause users to pull out their hair by its roots! If you've used a computer, you likely know this to be true. For me, then, computer gurus fall into the same category as physicians and auto mechanics: finding a good one is paramount!

I have found one in Alan. I say this because he really knows computers. More than that, his level of patience is such that he can not only work through problems that initially stump him, but he has also been able to walk me through steps - as slowly as necessary - when that is what is required to correct those problems. (Having two computer mavens in my family who do not have that level of patience, this means a LOT to me.)

What makes Alan a treasure, however, is his concern and consideration. Just recently, when I was in my office and needed his assistance in resolving a problem before I left, I was dismayed to find that he was away from his office. I left a message and asked that he call me upon his return. Before too long, that call came. But he was not in his office. He was calling from the auto mechanic's. Knowing my time constraints, he had decided to call then and there to walk me through steps necessary to solve my problem - a job made all the more difficult by the fact that he did not have access to his computer to help him in this effort.

I have hit the trifecta, then. In Alan I have found someone who is knowledgeable, patient, and caring. Can't beat that!!!

                    Judith Greenfield
                    Healthcare Communication Project
                    Highland, NY

Healthcare Communication Project


November 19, 2007                    

I am a small business in Montana and bumped into Alan Silverman's website. I was so intrigued that I asked him for help me to optimize and protect my computer and find a good backup solution for me. We worked over the phone and with remote access and I really like Acronis (backup). Alan is very knowledgeable, kind and goes out of his way to make things more simple and understandable yet not compromising what needs to be accomplished.

                    Gabriele Ramsbrock
                    Taxes N' Things PLLC
                    Roundup , Montana


June 12, 2006                    

Alan has done terrific work with both my home and office computers. The first time he helped undo damage caused by another computer repair person; this involved quite a lot of troubleshooting on Alan's part, but in the end the computer was working better than it had in a long time. Alan uncovered viruses that were undetected by the prior repair person.

Alan has a humanistic approach to computer operation. He recognizes that even in something as seemingly straightforward as a machine, there are elements of random uncertainty. This allows for a degree of diligent fluidity in his approach to tricky problems that results in any mess successfully untangled. He's been able to get "incompatible" computer parts and programs working well together, and to revive devices that seemed beyond salvation. His advice has been right-on, and I am very comfortable relying on his suggestions to keep my computers working for me.

                    Martin Lupowitz, D.C.
                    New Paltz, NY

Flood1 Flood2
Accord, NY April 2, 2005

It's been over a year since the Flood of 2005, and as I watch the Rondout Creek waters again rise and recede, I am remembering all the help I received last year. Alan Silverman was one of those who helped me, offering his excellent computer services for free!

Although my computer was not in the water itself, after a week of sitting in the humid, muddy office it began to groan and creak. Alan installed more memory without charging me, and offered to give me a refurbished computer free of charge if I needed it. The new memory was sufficient to keep me going as I dealt with the huge task of completely renovating my office.

Later I decided to buy a new computer from Alan, which has been working trouble-free since. Alan had to do a lot of tinkering to transfer all of my old programs to the new computer; some of those old programs were not fully compatible with the new XP, but Alan got every single program going despite that. And he did not charge for all the extra time he had to take to get all my old data transferred over.

My feeling was that Alan was moved by the huge ordeal I had to go through after extensive flood damage. He did not view me as a customer he could make a sale with, but as a fellow human being who needed help, and he offered what he could. I remain happy with my computer, and grateful for Alan's help!

-Martin Lupowitz, D.C.
Accord Chiropractic


November 17, 2005                    

I found out about Alan as I was reading through 'Generations', a Westchester periodical. This was in 2002. There was an article telling how he had helped a person on the telephone with some computer problems. I was instantly interested. I could get help with this complicated machine without getting out of my pajamas, combing my hair, etc. I called Alan. He sounded so incredibly friendly, low-keyed, and efficient. He is an expert with these machines and has patiently taught me lots. I enjoy hearing about his garden in the summer months too.

Whenever I have a problem I call Alan and he helps me immediately. He has become one of my best and trusted friends even though we have never laid eyes on each other.

                    Barbara L.
                    Bronxville, NY


January 14, 2006                    


As a still-at-work reporter who got into journalism nearly 50 years ago on a manual Underwood typewriter, my new-age relationship with my computer was a nervous and tentative one - until recently. Then a friend introduced me to Alan Silverman, a digital wizard who graduated from the innards of IBM.

He designed a whole new system for my computer, simple enough for a stone-ager to use and even enjoy. My nerves and frustrations have faded.. Even better, he is quickly available by phone to guide you through any glitch produced by the quite fallible Internet. Compared to my ever-jitterty past, my work-day has become sane and sometimes even breezy.
I recommend Alan with no reservation.

                    Syd Schanberg
                    NY, NY

Sydney Schanberg

Syd Schanberg

In 1975 Syd was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting "at great risk." His book, The Death and Life of Dith Pran was made into the movie The Killing Fields.

Schanberg Biography


March 08, 2010                    

I live in Brooklyn, and Alan lives in Stone Ridge, so he either works remotely on my computer or talks me through the diagnostic, and if all else fails then the computer takes a little vacation in Stone Ridge for him to work on it in person. This seems like a lot of trouble, and sometimes it is, but having Alan to deal with my computer is worth it. He's smart and honest and absolutely bullheaded about figuring out what's wrong. And then he fixes it!

                    Jolanta Benal
                    Brooklyn, NY


October 17, 2007                    

For a writer, nothing is worse than being close to finishing a book and having their computer crash. Three years ago, I was completing a biography of actress Mercedes McCambridge I was writing for my publisher, McFarland & Co., when my computer screen suddenly went blank. Nothing I did with my limited knowledge of computers could bring my almost- completed book back up on the screen. To make matters worse, I had not secured the unfinished manuscript by printing out a hard copy.

Picking myself up off the ground, I remembered reading a classified ad in the Bluestone Press saying to call a certain number if you needed computer assistance. I retrieved a copy of the newspaper from my paper recycling bin, found the ad and dialed the listed phone number. A man named Alan Silverman, who had a pleasant voice and a reassuring manner, answered the phone and after I explained my problem, he said he was sure it could be corrected and told me he would be at my house in an hour.

True to his word, Alan arrived and after a shorter-than-I-had-expected-amount-of-time, my book was found, restored to my computer and my blood pressure returned to normal. I have had to call Alan several times to solve one computer problem or another over the past few years and each time he has come to my rescue and restored my sanity with his technical know-how and calm demeanor. Besides being a computer Wiz, Alan is a compassionate and kind hearted man I have come to think of as a friend. Thank goodness for Alan Silverman's brain power and gentle kindness.

                    Ron Lackmann
                    High Falls, NY

Here is Ron's bio at Ron's written more than 30 books and was Max VonSydow's stand-in and photo double during the filming of The Exorcist (1973). It's also great talking with him.



May 17, 2008                    

Dear Alan

Thank you ever much for your help with my computer! I am amazed by your knowing what was the matter at a distance! And your calm and assurance to my near hysteria was more becoming to a spiritual guru than to a neighbor from Stone Ridge! That is to show that kindness and compassion are not exclusive of robes wearing exotic people! And to top it all off, when I said that I was so unsettled because I am trying to stop foreclosure, you did not want to charge me! And reading the testimonials, I see I am not the only one that is been graced by your compassion! I am still hoping to meet you, and showing you my paintings and jewelry, that I would be so happy you would like something, as kind of return of positive energy.
This world shines brighter with your light in it!
Thank you again
                    Beatriz C.
                    Accord, NY


June 7, 2009                    

As a writer, I was very happy last year to get a book deal -- but less than thrilled when my computer crashed and lost the entire manuscript. My only extant copy was a pdf that was not convertible to any other format. Just before I gave in to complete despair, I was given Alan Silverman's number -- I still don't know how he did it (neither does anyone else I asked) but he turned that locked pdf into a completely workable word file, thereby saving my book and my sanity. The man is a wizard and a hero!

                    David Tully


October 11, 2006                    

I am writing to give my heart's gratitude in regards to Alan Silverman. I met him more than two years ago through a friend of mine who referred him as the best person to fix my computer problems.

She told me how wonderful and incredibly knowledgeable he is when it comes to computer repair. She gave me his number and I called him immediately. I am a single mother going to college full time and I am a computer dead head. I don't want to even pretend to know anything about these crazy machines.

I was in the middle of a computer crisis for college when Alan told me to bring the computer right over and he would give me a replacement one while I was waiting. I explained that I didn't have a lot of money and he said that's fine I won't charge you. What a blessing. Alan not only didn't charge me but he has been an asset and blessing in my life. He is dependable, honorable, kind, prompt, and hardworking and goes out of his way for people. He has blessed my life and I would refer him to everyone.

He is an asset to the world of life, especially the world of computers. He fixed my problems with computers and reminded me of what true unconditional serventhood is all about. May he be forever abundantly blessed.

                    Kristine V.
                    Kerhonkson, NY


June 16, 2006                    

A word about Alan:

A few years ago I came across a notice in a bulletin re: computer repair. This was in a local print/copy shop. I asked the owner if she knew anything about it and she said she heard only good things about Alan. That certainly appealed to me. As a widow with three children, I definitely needed someone I could trust in terms of getting my computer running the way it should at an affordable cost.

Upon checking my computer out, Alan let me know what had to be done. It sounded pretty overwhelming to me so I asked him if he could just do $40 worth of repair. I told him about my financial situation and why I was requesting what I did and do you know what? Alan not only fixed my computer and what was ailing it but he added a bunch of safeguards (to lessen the probability of the kids messing it up) and some fun programs as well. We talked several times over the phone and, when I went to get the computer, I spent a couple of hours at his office with him explaining things to me. He did this solely to help me maximize the use of the computer in terms I could understand. He never asked me for more than I could afford to pay at the time.

Since that time, I have purchased a computer through Alan and had him do maintenance a few times. Sometimes the kids have a way of really messing things up with the computer. He always has time to answer what must be the simplest questions to him and is always willing to go above and beyond whatever the situation might be. I have had many conversations with him and consider him a friend. I even invited him to my wedding.

If more people would provide the kind of service Alan gives his clients, the world would certainly be a better place. He is a man of integrity. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so.

                    Nancy L.
                    Shokan, NY


December 7, 2005                    

Alan has saved me on many occasions when the computer was running slowly, had gotten infected or otherwise went haywire. He's knowledgeable, reliable and reasonable. He's also a nice guy! I highly recommend him.

                    Mary Beth Pfeiffer
                    Stone Ridge, NY
Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Mary Beth's new book is Crazy in America, The Hidden Tragedy of Our Criminalized Mentally Ill.


December 8, 2005                    

In my last book, Beyond the Boys of Summer: The Very Best of Roger Kahn, I thanked a number of people for making the book possible. One of them was Alan Silverman, who always kept my computer in playing shape, ready to go. I have known Alan personally for two decades and as a professional for a decade. He has wired my house, bought my computers, upgraded my memories, protected me from viruses and spyware and generally helped me navigate the new world of the Internet with advice and counsel both big and small. I'd be lost without his work and help.

                    Rob Miraldi
                    Professor of Journalism

Robert Miraldi

Robert Miraldi

Rob's website


April 17, 2008                    


Melissa Holbrook Pierson

I'm not sure if Alan Silverman is conversant with the Black Arts or not, but he certainly speaks to the spirits that live inside my computer. Sometimes they get in a bad mood, and Alan coaxes and cajoles and sweet-talks them into being nice to me again. Which is a good thing, since I am utterly, utterly lost without them. They are my living, and my lifeline. Alan gives generously of his time and his expertise and his good humor. If I hadn't found him when I did, there would have been a small mushroom cloud visible on the horizon over my house. But I did find him. I wouldn't think of letting him go. And now he's on speed-dial.

                    Melissa Holbrook Pierson - author
                    Kripplebush, NY

New York Times review of Melissa Pierson's THE PLACE YOU LOVE IS GONE


February 16, 2006                    

Matt Silverman

We may have the same last name, but we're not related. I saw Alan's ad in the newspaper and called him because I needed help. I write a lot of files and I feared many were lost when I started having major laptop problems. Alan professionally and reasonably helped me recover months of work as well as install protective measures on a new machine to keep this from happening in the future. Working on my own, I don't have a "tech" guy who comes in at company expense and bails me out of jams. I have Alan and, frankly, he does a better job, has more patience, and comes up with better solutions than the others I've had to rely on in the past.

                    Matthew Silverman
                    High Falls, NY

Matt is primarily a sports writer and editor of sports books, especially books on the NY Mets.
Matthew Silverman's Web Site


November 23, 2005                    

to whom it may concern:

because his sculpture in his garden is a cross between a spanish bull and a viking ship, i have renamed alan silverman "thor the matador". I have also named my computer "the thor special", written in blue magic marker above the read only dvd slot.

two hard drives, a sound card, and all the bells and whistles are healthy on "the thor special," and it sneezes at viruses. my next project is to have alan wire my crockpot and woodstove into the high speed internet. IBM's loss is my gain.

                    alec emerson (i have known alan for ten minutes.)
                    Accord, NY

Alec is the Great Great Grandson of poet, essayist, and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.
And Alec is a poet too. He is also tied with Bruce Golden for being the biggest wiseacre among all my clients. (see below).

alec and ralph emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson (left) in his 30's. Alec Emerson at 35 and young friend (right), 1982.
Alec Emerson's Poetry


February 14, 2007                    

V Day

Just spent a little time reading your web site. I also read the trustimonials which I know you paid enormous bribes to secure. Nobody is THAT good. Is it some sort of virtual reality trick? Where are the ones from your wife and kids? Actually Alan I was very impressed by your work. You provide a service that is hard to find and you do it with integrity and wonderful wit. I don't like paying for it but what else can you expect from a Brooklyn Jew? You answer my questions immediately and with skill and great patience. The problem for me is that I just don't get it. Like this AVG thing. I tried to follow your lead and I could not even find the icon. Not even step one and that was the easy part. So do I pay you to install the"free" version or pay them. Nothins really free. But most of all I do want to tell you that I think you are a really good man and I trust you... which is not something I say very often. Happy Valentine's Day..I hope you get a little.

with large love bytes bkg

                    Bruce Golden
                    Somewhere in the woods near Ashokan Reservoir

Bruce is currently tied with Alec Emerson for being the biggest wiseacre among my clients. (see above.) He also writes a column for the Blue Stone Press


October 18, 2005                    

It is one thing to say that Alan spent over six hours at my house installing my new computer and teaching me a few skills in the process - at a cost that was more than modest, because he loves what he does, likes to work at his own pace, and had a real appreciation for my difficult financial situation. It is quite another to try to describe the intangibles.

He arrived bearing fresh tomatoes from his garden, as well as a carload of computer parts. Despite the pain in his knee from a recent injury, he spent a lot of time crouched down connecting cables and wires with fastidious attention to detail and gentle care. After the system was all hooked up, over many cups of coffee, he spent more thoughtful time browsing through programs, making sure all was as it should be and that I understood what was what. In between, we shared brief exchanges about ourselves, literature, film, and a few tragi-comic aspects of current events.

So much for my stereotypes about computer nerds. And when I get into technical trouble, this rare human being is there to help me.

                    Judith R.


December 12, 2005                    

I have the pleasure of knowing Al, both as the expert I rely on for my business computer and personal computer needs, and as a friend and neighbor in the Hudson Valley town of Stone Ridge. Al is brilliant in his understanding of computers and software and he is able to quickly grasp and solve complex computer issues. He is a responsible business person and very reliable. Finally, Al is honorable and he cares about people and the society he lives in, quietly acting to demonstrate that concern. What more could one want in a computer/software expert?

                    Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq.
                    Stone Ridge, NY

Spirit Law


December 9, 2005                    

I called Alan Silverman a while ago about my slow and sluggish computer. He replied promptly, completed a tune-up and a fix-up that exceeded my expectations--and, it was not as costly as I thought it would be. Alan is knowledgeable, effective and clever at what he does--and he does it well!

                    Larry B.
                    Adjunct Professor of Communication/Media
                    SUNY New Paltz.


November 8, 2005                    

The Silverman experience is a breath of fresh air within the information age where time is measured in Nano seconds.

The Silverman experience is a throwback of the long forgotten neighborhood pharmacist who took the time to listen and you were on first name basis with

Silverman is the Real Deal

In Silverman I trust!

                    Clarence Sommerville
                    Stone Ridge, NY


July 30, 2006                    

Dear Alan,
This note is to thank you for the work you did installing and getting the Boughton Place computer program up and running. You were very gracious and accepted a home-made lasagna dinner from me as an expression of appreciation. At the time, my computer had collapsed, and while I bought a new Dell, there was the question of installing software from the old one. I hopelessly got everything mixed up, and it took your expertise to untangle the mess.

Boughton Place is a non-profit 501-c3 organization that is an adult education center for 're-inhabiting the earth'. We affirm the inter-connectedness in the universe of all that is, whether the activities take place in the conference center, around the campfire, into the psychodrama theater, the TimeLine Garden Labyrinth or the co-housing residence. We need the website and the computer to further our work, and your support for us is valued. It is good to know I can call with a question, and you are willing to help and work things out first over the phone, and then as needed.

                    In appreciation,
                    Clare Danielsson

Clare Danielsson PhD T.E.P.
Boughton Place - President/Steward
150 Kisor Road, Highland NY 12528
Phone: Home 845-691-7578 Work 845-691-2888

Clare Danielsson died on February 8, 2007. She had a great and powerful spirit. It was an honor to have known her for the short time I did.



June 22, 2006                    

When I moved here and found an opportunity to do free lance research online if I could secure a high speed connection, Alan actually gave me a used computer with wireless capacity free of charge. I'm still using it over one year later and it has made an enormous difference in my ability to be productive. I'm deeply grateful and recommend him to help you find a solution to your challenging situation. His generous heart will lead the way through your computer complications.

Trust and Rely
For there's no better guy
When with computers you're dealing
He knows ways of healing
Or will help you invest
In the topmost best
That your purse can afford
So, of course, he's adored.
For his heart is so true
That he'd never screw you.
So when it comes to a glitch
Or a toggle switch
Trust and Rely
For there's no better guy
Besides the which
He deserves to be rich!
I even heard the rumor
He's got a sense of humor!
With many thanks from one under the curse
Of putting her feelings into verse.

                    Janet H.
                    New Paltz, NY


December 9, 2005                    

The McNally Trustimonial

Alan was recommended to us by a friend, and we have been absolutely delighted by his advice and technical services. Alan has all the technical knowledge one could ever hope to encounter, but what sets him apart is he tailors his recommendations to our budget and expectations. He keeps us informed about the newer products and innovations, but he does not push them on us and gives us his honest opinion about them. We are very fortunate to have such a dependable and delightful guy looking out for us.

                    Richard and Tracy McNally
                    High Falls, NY

That was easy to do Alan!


December 22, 2005                    

About Alan. . . .

With computer users ranging in age from five to fifty, our household is technology dependent in a variety of realms: business, academics and recreation. When we first contacted Alan, we were having constant problems with computer viruses, and to our great relief, he was able to help us where at least two other computer specialists had failed. Since then Alan has gone on to help us find a new computer, install a system for our teenage son, tutor us in using the internet, answer questions and much more - all at an extremely reasonable rate.

Alan is not just a technical wizard though, he is an educator. He is genuinely interested in helping us solve our own problems and always takes extra time to explain what he's doing and how the computer works. He is a pleasure to work with and we are truly lucky to have him here in the Hudson Valley.

                    Chris and Brooke Cole
                    Stone Ridge, NY


December 11, 2005                    

alan silverman has been working on my home and business computer for years. i have found him to have the rare combination of expertise and humanity. when we needed a new home computer earlier this year, alan sold us a system he had been using at his home. needless to say, he was totally available to help install the system at our home. very high recommendation.

                    sandy krupp
                    stone ridge cabinetworks


November 29, 2005                    

When we needed to buy computers for our office and the software we needed to use, Alan was able to advise us. He made computers seem easy and understandable. His technical knowledge and patience went a long way. He spent hours setting up the machines for us and hours helping us to learn what was installed. At his home, over a couple of cups of tea, a walk in and around his wood arbor structure [ resembling a dragon] looking over the last remnants of the summer's garden, and back for more instruction. He kept reminding us that computers are not perfect. That we can learn and master the software needs we wanted. What we really appreciated was after the computers were installed and we had a question, he immediately helped us and e-mailed us to find out if everything was going well. His love for the technology and patience with us were incredibly helpful. We would highly recommend Alan Silverman to anyone who needs a good IT person.

                    Janine and Adam Weil
                    Accord, NY

Janine Weil, Ltd
214 W. 39th Street Suite
NY, NY 10018


December 10, 2005                    

If I were a millionaire I would pay lots of money just to have this guy sitting around my house - he's that entertaining. As it is, I call him from time to time and invite him over to open my computer and massage its brain for which I pay him a nominal sum. My computer seems to enjoy this enormously.

I found Alan through an advertisement in The Blue Stone Press, our local newspaper. He networked my two computers, speeded up a lagging wireless internet connection and taught me and my computers all kinds of nifty tricks. It was all so much fun I barely blinked when he presented his bill.

Just recently I installed a new monitor without Alan's help and my Dell Dimension was so upset it shut down of its own accord and refused to boot up. I called Alan and left a message conveying my distress -- it was a snowy Friday night after dinner - turned on the TV and tried to forget my dead computer upstairs.

Alan called within the hour and talked me through CPU CPR. Within ten minutes my computer was not only revived but purring. Needless to say I was overjoyed.

In quiet moments I suspect Alan implanted my computers' brains with some kind of gizmo or spell which has put them in his thrall - I'm sure he's quite capable of such a thing. But he's the kind of nerd one trusts implicitly (just check out that picture on his website) and I continue to entrust him with my livelihood and don't hesitate to open the door when he shows up to exert his charm and his expertise on my recalcitrant machines.

                    Bonni Banyard, Bookkeeping
                    Kerhonkson NY


December 12, 2005                    

I initially went to Alan because of a modem problem and decided to cashier my pc entirely and get a new one. He helped me find the best deal around and then spent long hours doing the tricky transfer between the old pc and the new one. He readily shared his knowledge, which was very helpful in my managing and resolving glitches that came up down the road -- due to no fault to his, I hasten to assure you! His rates were more than reasonable. I used to work at a computer help desk myself, and I know that determination to track down and resolve issues when I see it. That's Alan!

                    Judith Karpova
                    Kerhonkson, NY


December 16, 2005                    

Alan was a lifesaver. As a computer software instructor I was used to handling my own problems with computers. When those failed with a corrupted hard drive, I turned to Alan based on recommendations from folks in the area. Alan went out of his way to accommodate my problem by making our schedules match for dropping off and picking up my hard drive, keeping me informed along the way of what was or was not working, and consulting frequently to ensure he did exactly what I wanted.

Alan is a computer geek who can also talk to those who are novices in the computer field. He is willing to share his knowledge and love of working with computers (and gardening) with others. (I knew I could trust him when I drove up to his house and discovered an elaborate patch of heirloom tomatoes and bamboo outside his door.) He is easy to reach and responds quickly to your inquiries. I would gladly return to him for help again, should I need it.

                    Kerhonkson, NY


December 10, 2005                    

Dear Alan:

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks for a job well done at the Davenport's residence in providing our customer with a top-notch, home based computer system. Your expertise and dedication in the design, installation and follow up training made our LAN installation a success. Mr. And Mrs. Davenport are extremely happy with the final product. I also want to thank you for the repairs performed on our daughter's PC. It now works well, lot better than it had been, and she now spends a great deal of time on it.

Again, thanks for all of your valuable assistance and I/we look forward to working with you again in the future. Please feel free to post this on your website as I believe more people should be aware of the excellent services you provide.

Warmest regards,

                    Tom Knowles
                    High Falls, NY


December 14, 2005                    

I found Alan's flyer at the library and took a chance. I am so happy I did. Alan not only fixes the problems and saves us money but he is also an absolute delight to know. We traded tomato plants, and it was so fun showing him what I had started in the green house. And of course anyone who likes my cat is welcome at our home. My husband is frugal and skeptical and he likes Alan too. thanks Alan for all you help

                    High Falls NY


January 14, 2006                    

Dear Alan

I regret the delay in responding but wanted to express some of the ways in which I have appreciated your assistance - starting from the day I phoned you from Best Buy having attempted to upgrade my PC and having little inkling as to what I needed to consider. Very patiently you asked me the right and pertinent questions and from then on I felt I was dealing with someone I could trust and depend on to get me started. The equipment I purchased from you is excellent, fair priced and dependable.

During the time I have come to know you I have found you to be exceedingly knowledgeable, wise, practical, caring and patient. You have also demonstrated the wisdom and honesty to say when you didn't know! I thank you and express my appreciation for your professionalism and personal regard.

Should you want or need further elaboration, please let me know. I hope you have been well and I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

                    With warm wishes,

PS I give Alan Silverman permission to post this note on his web site


December 29, 2005                    

Alan Silverman's advice was indispensable and happily given. It is necessary these days to have a guide to help you navigate the technological jungle whether you are buying a computer or trying to understand the one you already have. Alan Silverman is that guide. His answers are complete and even go beyond to offer insider information. That insider information allows his customers to go forward with confidence, knowing how to navigate their way through the jungle.

                    ~ Cindy Sweeney
                    small business owner
                    Rhinebeck, NY

Four Winds
Rhinebeck and Stone Ridge, NY


June 22, 2006                    

Alan Silverman is generous with his time, insight, and knowledge about computers. Whether you have a specific problem with your computer or just want your computer to run at its best, Alan is the man to see.

                    Best regards,
                    Elizabeth Cornell
                    Owner, Cornell Editing Services
Cornell Editing


December 13, 2005                    

Hi Alan ... Just a note of appreciation for all the help you gave us when we had to install some new equipment, and get up to speed with a new way of doing things. We certainly were at a loss trying to do it ourselves, and you saved us hours (days) of agony and frustration! . It is also nice to know that I can drop you a little e-mail if I need a timely tip or helping hand. We always enjoy your friendly visits ... it is great to have an outstanding tech guy like you on our side!

Best regards from your friends,
                    Wendy Henderson
                    Kent Korber

Card Card


February 14, 2007                    

Roses are red
Violets are blue
When I use my computer
I give thanks to you.

Happy Valentine's Day

                    Love, Kathie [aka The Boss]
                    Blue Hill, ME

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