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Informational Sheets

How to Keep Your Computer Alive   - Or "What Can Kill It".
Show this to your teenaged children.
Programs   - Programs I commonly put on computers when I clean them up or set up new computers. What they do and how to use them.
Email Strategies  - It's important to get it right.
About Firewalls
Keep Calm   - Why There's Little Need to Fear or
"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Computer".

The Curmudgeon Columns

For several years after leaving IBM I wrote a computer column for Westchester Generations, a newspaper for seniors published in Westchester County, NY. This column was called "The Computer Curmudgeon." Here are two of my favorites. Columns


The Semmelweis Solution
Most of the problems faced by humanity have already been solved. The trick is finding those solutions and putting them to work. So I have built an Innovation Machine. This machine finds the best ideas coming from anyone anywhere and turns them into real world solutions.

My Extremely Brief Fling at Fame and Fortune
How I once stood just one stock market crash away from challenging Microsoft.

Building an Operating System for the Year 2025
This is my formula for creative synergy. I started writing it in early 2001. At the time PBS had a TV series called “Closer to Truth.” Each of the programs in the series had an associated hyper forum where, by invitation of that show's moderator, viewers could put forth their own ideas involving that show's theme. One of the shows was called “Can We See The Near Future - 2025?” Physicist/writer David Brin was the host. I emailed him, asking to put my ideas on the forum, and he did.

Letter Published in Natural History Magazine
The 2003 July-August issue of Natural History Magazine published an article by R. Brian Ferguson called "The Birth of War". I sent a letter to the editor concerning the article and was surprised a short while later to actually get a call from the editor saying they wanted to publish my letter in the next issue, which they did.

If your interested, the article can be found here   Or else by doing a Google search on "ferguson natural history birth of war".

Righthand click, it's all in the mouse
This is a more technically oriented article I wrote after volunteering to work at the Ten Broeck Commons nursing home in Kingston, NY. It's about why I think people, especially older individuals new to computers, should learn using the right hand mouse button, rather than by double clicking the lefthand mouse button to open up and close programs.

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