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Tips on Keeping Your Computer
Alive and Well

1. Don't click on free stuff
What they don't tell you is that along with the free cursors or search utilities they also put a program on your computer that takes over your browser and tries to sell you stuff. Eventually these programs gum up your computer so much you can't use it.

There are lots of good safe programs to download, but you must know what you're downloading. I download free utilities from places like But not all the programs on these sites are safe. Research any downloads, and the site it's downloaded from using Google or another search engine. I know exactly what I'm downloading. And when in doubt, don't.

2. About Viruses
Most Viruses come on attachments in emails. If you don't click on attachments with viruses, you can't get the viruses, even if you look at the email itself. To open an email attachment you must either click on an icon that usually looks like a little paper clip, or click on the attachment title. It will be generally underlined in blue.

Just because you know whom a note comes from doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. Viruses can come from people you know if their computer has a virus. When people you know send attachments with emails, look at the message itself, to make sure it's OK. When people you don't know send an email with an attachment, delete the email.

3. Beware Free MUSIC DOWNLOADS and Receiving Instant Message Files
Viruses and Trojans can come in via downloads from other sites. With most anti-virus programs you can scan specific folders and files. If you are going to download music, run a virus scan on the downloaded music files before playing any of the music. If you Instant Message DO NOT receive and download files.

4. Try and keep your computer off dusty floors.
The fan sucks in dust, causing your computer to overheat. It's best to put your computer up on a desk with good ventilation, but not near a window where sunlight shines directly on it.

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