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About Techical Support
    Tales From the Crypt

This is really your page. I'm inviting anyone who has labored under the horror of dealing with technical support, for any product, software, hardware, or nowhere, to tell their story. Email me your story and I will publish it right here, in its entirety, every bloody horrible detail. Take your time, let it all out, in rhymed verse if you like, or as Faulkner might have told it.

I myself have been on both sides. I once was technical support at IBM. I supported the software that ran IBM mainframes, the big computers used to keep track of governments and major corporations. If we couldn't fix a problem quickly a bank might not open or (once - for four hours) an airline didn't fly. In special cases one might get a personal call from an IBM Exec, checking on ones progress.

Those experiences informed my view of personal computing today. Round the clock access to a PC and ones data seems no less important for running a small business or the business of ones life than for running a large corporation. My heart skips a beat when I hear that a PC is down, or a hard drive's died and someone's data can't be found. My first inclination is to run and save it. But the mathematics of the market place has changed my view of warranties and support. One must think logically or else end up involved in crazy loops that waste ones time, energy, and money. I deal with technical support when necessary, or when people ask me to, but it makes more sense to take the time and accept the expense to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Please email me your own agonies with technical support and I will publish them here.

Here is my offering, An Open Letter to Dell Support .

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